The Subconscious as Politics: An Inquiry of Collaborative Design Education through Radical Speculation

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“The Subconscious as Politics: An Inquiry of Collaborative Design Education through Radical Speculation” is a thesis written and designed for the completion of the RISD TLAD MA Art + Design Education program.

I examine how dreaming, speculation, and alternative worlds become frameworks for political resistance in marginalized bodies. Furthermore, how are these frameworks visualized in design, especially a communal artistic and educational practice? I designed and conducted two virtual workshops (with participants from the US and internationally) to examine how a collaborative design space can cultivate space for dreaming and speculation.

“My fantastical dream worlds became a safe refuge for me to mobilize in my politics and rest through burnout, allowing me to extend my reality beyond the current oppression so I can dream towards a world of reflection and liberation.”

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Last updated: November 12, 2023