Nina Yuchi

Deceptive Speech

Digital design, typography

According to Ellen Lupton and J. Abbot Miller, speech, writing, and language can never hold an objective truth; instead, they intention­­­ally
 or unintention­­­ally distort reality and affect our perceptions of communication. I aimed to visualize the nuanced and arbitrary graphic nature of language by creating a set of abstract letter forms that blurs the line between familiar and unfamiliar.

I used the styleGAN software RunwayML to generate these new forms, using hundreds of letters in different typefaces as the input data. As the AI tried to recognize patterns in the forms, it made seemingly senseless connections creating a set of new, unrecognizable letter forms. I then used an OCR program to “read” these new glyphs as letters in the alphabet, again generating new and absurd connections. Reading the words prompts the viewer to question how much information is constructed in their head rather than presented as an unbiased truth.