Nina Jun Yuchi

Deconstructing Discipline

Web design and programming

Deconstructing Discipline is a website inspired by my interest in speculative and critical design. The website (coded with HTML, CSS, and Javascript) takes from Dunne and Raby’s outline for speculative design: in between the present and future, not too weird and not too safe. Using these labels as a starting point, users are invited to map out their own definitions of speculative design in relation to the initial map. Users are also able to upload their own images and change the axis labels. Thus they begin to deconstruct their own design discipline by mapping their relationship to design through a plethora of existing works.

After further consideration, I realize that the complexity of the designer’s positionality extends beyond a flat two-axis graph. Therefore this investigation is undergoing more time, discourse, and research and I am eager to see how this project evolves alongside my personal politics and design practice.