Nina Jun Yuchi

How to Dream

Digital design, workshop facilitation

The How to Dream workshop aimed to examine the concept of dreaming in both sleep and politics. Participants would learn about the different definitions of dreaming and how they affect memory, time, communities, and futures to develop a more holistic view of this subconscious space. Upon learning more about dreaming, participants would then utilize the Figma platform to respond to prompts to reflect on their personal dreams. After these activities, the participants were invited to watch the film Paprika through Zoom, allowing everyone to apply their new understandings to the movie plot.

The premise of the movie Paprika imagines a device that allows one to enter other people’s dreams (Kon, 2006). While it’s initially seen as a tool for liberation and overcoming the characters’ trauma, it turns into an object of control. We can draw parallels from the movie in our present reality in which corporations try to colonize all aspects of human behavior, including sleep and dreams. Thus while dreams can be liberatory, they can also be oppressive. However if approached intentionally, dreams can be subverted to escape these cycles of control.

*Please visit the Figma page and view recording for more information.