Nina Yuchi

Rug Archive

Textiles, typography

Last year was equally stressful as it was illuminating—due to the pandemic I had excess time alone to think about what makes design meaningful and spent excessive time in front of screens due to Zoom classes and digital work. As a result, I pivoted towards manual forms of creation, specifically punch needling. Tufting these small rugs was a meditative process that allowed me to slow down and focus on my physical relationship with my work as I spent hours with cloth scraps and balls of yarn. Each tangible piece carries significance and positive energy as I thought about the friends I would gift the rug to or the exciting shows I would watch while working on them. Although these rugs that I made are a departure from my usual practice, I incorporated elements of my interests such as auspicious Chinese colors and typography. One rug contains a symbol called “double happiness” and another, the character for “fortune”.